Basic Drug Screening Test & PCR

Laboratory Specialists offers a broad range of drug testing requirements like basic drug screening/confirmation.

We have over 10 years experince in the industry, and offer quick and accurate results. COVID-19 testing is also done at our facility. We also accept all insurance companies including: Medicare, medicaid and all private insurance.

  • Self pay for COVID-19 is $125.00
  • Upon request, pick-up service available in Wayne County
  • Customized Testing

    Known for our personable customer service to clients and patients, we offer highly customized testing that will answer all your queries. We get your results within 24-48 hours. We have also operated in an emergency mode to provide an adequate response to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    A close up of some microscopes with one glowing
    A person is working with a microscope in the lab.

    Tests We Conduct

    • Molecular Testing (PCR)

    • Upper Respiratory

    • Women’s Health

    • STD

    • UTI and Several Others

    Our Core Business Values

    • Dependability

    • Reliability

    • Commitment

    • Service to Others

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    A group of glass beakers and bottles on top of a table.

    Why Choose Us

    At Laboratory Specialists, we offer 12-panel CLIA waived multi-drug screens at low costs. We pride ourselves on providing personable customer service.